About Us

The pineapple’s history is broad and diverse. It was a currency, once traded for a giraffe. The pineapple was also viewed as a royal and rare fruit at a point in history. After a time, pineapples were rented out to display prosperity at gatherings. Now, the pineapple evolved while being taken around the world.

People discovered that the pineapple can be easily cultured by removing the crown of the fruit and planting it. It was used as a symbol in many cultures. It was given as a humble house warming gift and can also represented sexuality.

Enter the Internet, where the pineapple became a symbol for cannabis culture. Starting on what was called the “front page of the internet;” Reddit.

This community comprised itself off of being discreet with cannabis due to the stigma of being labeled a deadbeat-no-good. The people using the pineapple as a logo for cannabis were called, “Ents.” They were a group of professionals from different industries like healthcare and education. They were executives, soccer moms, and so much more.

We represent the history of the pineapple and demonstrate our love for the fruit.
We are here to “culture” a new pineapple community.

The Pineapple Store is an incubator for our city and the people. We inspire artists, musicians, nurses, foremen, dead-beats, and influencers to break the stigma.

We intend to hold our community close and achieve new levels of interest in the new era. Pineapples will bring peace, love, unity, and respect…If applied correctly. Our team hopes to inspire others to try their absolute best at whatever they’re doing, and maybe be high while at it.

We do not look down on the cannabis community, but we do believe in safe practices. We still hold mannerism to a high standard and, some could say, we’re shaping them. We believe the age of consuming cannabis is sensitive and that the community should follow smart regulatory standards. No one under 21 years of age should be using cannabis unless for medicinal reasons.

Even then, the current science is not rich due to federal standards. The entire community hopes to be able to learn of the health benefits and risks as legal standards continue to develop.
Just remember some of our rules. No smoking around children. Don’t litter. Stay humble. Tip your crown for those around. Nod your head up for a homie, and nod down for a stranger.


Find us at 2020 I St in midtown Sacramento or call (279) 977-2944